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Trust Them To Retain Them

On February 16, 2015, Posted by , In Best Practices while hiring Helpers, With 1 Comment

During my interaction with domestic help coming to get registered with us, the top reason why employees give up on an employer and look for a new job is Lack of Trust. We have actually had maids breaking down when they relate their experiences with employers. Some of the common…

How to Choose a Babysitter

One of the most difficult decisions that we make as parents involves childcare. Choosing the right person to entrust your children to is a task that cannot be taken lightly. However, once made, the right choice brings comfort and reassurance each time you must be away from your little ones….

Safety Precautions To Be Taken With Helpers

On December 18, 2014, Posted by , In Best Practices while hiring Helpers, With No Comments

Basic safety precautions you should take while dealing with helpers at home: Don’t discuss personal or financial matters in presence of the helpers, be it your driver, maid, cook or babysitter. If you use a driver to travel to and from work, be careful not to talk about your colleagues,…

What a wonderful testimonial

On November 11, 2014, Posted by , In Testimonials, With No Comments

Update for anyone who might be following this: I have hired a day long maid from the Helper4U database, less than 24 hours after I registered; which is a record, of sorts. I am doubly pleased because my maid was willing to give me the reference of her previous employer,…

Our first testimonial

On November 3, 2014, Posted by , In Testimonials, With No Comments

Helper4U is a great website, you will be able to utilise most of its facility. Considering the techsavvy world we live in. This website is surely a boon! Makes your job so much more easier, plus all the details are at your finger tips. Most of it is just a…