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Maid Rate fixing?

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Maid Rate Fixing by Raheja Society, Powai has been in the news recently, we spoke to a few maids and below is what they had to say:

Maid 1: I feel we should have gone and met the representatives of the “Madams” before going on strike. Things can always be sorted better by talking. They acted wrongly without talking to us. We also responded wrongly. But then….they are the educated ones and they should know better.

Maid 2: This has become an annual feature. Every time they have to give us bonus on Diwali or increase our salary they start a WhatsApp discussion against us. Suddenly we are not good workers.

Maid 3: They mean a new person & experienced one should get paid the same. Even in schools an experienced teacher gets much more than new one

Maid 4: Our annual salary increase is just 200-300 and even that pinches our Madams. Itna to ice cream khane main kharch kar dete to aap log

Maid 5:  Pata hai strike ee humari pagar kategi aur kuch logon ki  Naukri bhi jayegi par Kya Karen…

Rs.700 a month for an hour’s work translates rough into Rs.25 per hour! Is that really fair? The contract would be fair for both the parties. Read more here.

Also, the reality of domestic workers in India is well described here.


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